King Joker and His Snakes

The king, usually a symbol of power and authority, is depicted as a joker, a figure associated with humor and trickery. Adding to the irony, the Joker is surrounded by snakes, often seen as symbols of danger and deceit.

The vibrant orange hue of the loyal guardians positioned at the bottom resembles fire (symbolizing the constant burning of the king's dominion). It represents the perpetuation of lies, the manipulation of power, and the dangers that arise from these deceptive practices.

The fire also serves as a protective shield. It creates a barrier that shields the king, his snakes, and their dark motives from scrutiny. This fiery protection ensures that their true intentions remain concealed.

In sharp contrast to the vividness of the foreground, the background is dull, subdued and desolate. It appears blurred as if shrouded in a haze of melancholy.

Ashes are floating, suspended in mid-air. They represent the remnants of power and deceit, drifting aimlessly as a symbol of their ultimate fate.