La nostalgia, como las nubes erráticas en el cielo, de vez en cuando agita el corazón de los viajantes.

art collage

La nubes, Size: 40 CM X 30 CM / Digital Collage / 2020

LAS NUBES is a digital collage art piece that was inspired by the poems of Luis Cernuda ( Spanish poet, a member of the Generation of ’27). Fan found herself inextricably linked to this Spanish poet who had never met.

After living abroad for many years because of one reason or another, the homeland, little by little, becomes untouchable, like the clouds in the sky. The shape of the memories is not as sharp clear as before, the colours start to fade, the lyrics of the childhood songs only have few words left, even the taste of home starts to become blur.

Still, homesick is like the ever changing clouds in the sky, always there, no one can avoid or escape.